Drone Photography and Videography

The Drone Shot

In recent years, a drone shot has been the go to for that eye catching extra in movies, tv, and on the web. With piloting a drone, comes great responsibility. There are many precatuions one must take to avoid any and all mishaps. 

With The Mad Octopus

We concern ourselves with safety when piloting our drones. Yes the shot and composition we want is extremely important, but if we have a technical failure, we would not want to have the drone come crashing near a group of people. 

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Let Us Fly for    You


Click the link above to reserve your time or to simply ask for a free quote. We do consider your location when piloting the drone for clients, this goes for both video and photo sessions. The FAA has put regulations in place that prohibit flight in certain areas but with permission, flight may be allowed. 

Want to Learn to fly 

If you own a drone and just want to head out one day and fly with us, contact us. Nothing improves skill like flight time. No app can can train you to fly cinematically nor to look for those all important lines of composition.