Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch

Samsung, a global leader in tech, does mini launches in major cities for their devices. In El Paso, they held a Launch at Dave and Busters. As an Apple fanboy, I said, "Of course we'll cover the event for you. Can we get some free phones?" But sadly, we did not get new phones from Samsung. Quite honestly though, see all of the amazing technical aspects of this new phone caught me by surprise. 

I think the best thing about it was the docking feature which makes it essentially a laptop in your pocket. The widescreen display a true 16:9 ratio, dual pixel tech in a phone camera. Sure its less pixels in this S8 than previous but it utilizes more of the pixels in this phone.  

The screen coverage is bigger than my iPhone 7+. You can do so much with this little device. This is easily, a phone that I see out performing the iPhone or Apple in general. You have so much tech packed into this tiny device, it has a headphone jack, it has a new and better virtual assistant that's supposed to be better than Siri or Cortana, or who or whatever your device uses.  

Being at this event really opened my eyes. Seeing the interactions between higher levels of Samsung brass and the "normal" employees and sales associates was exciting. No real awkward tensions or feelings.  It really was a fun and exciting event. 

Now talking about the phones, the S8 and the S8 plus are solid phones. I wouldn't mind switching over except all of my apps and things I have paid for are on the apple platform. I run a lot of my business off of an iPad Pro, and my iMac. Samsung also has one of the better 360 cameras where the stitching is great and it is not necessarily seamless but its pretty close.  

Chris Carzoli