A Wedding, Wine, and Friends

May 27, 2017. 

The day my best friend married his best friend. I was honored to be his best man at the wedding. I wanted to make sure this day was recorded for them. Pictures, videos, snaps, whatever it may have been. So I enlisted the help of some friends and we were able to capture those special moments. 


A friendship, a relationship, an engagement, a marriage. Seven years together, through the good and the bad, the happy and sad. Moments like Adriana getting a ticket from my father on my birthday after leaving the bar we were celebrating it at, to the proposal after a zip line, and snap chats galore the night of a bachelor party where the guys lost themselves and the girls laughed at our overly done selves (We had the wonderful and flammable 151). 

La Viña Winery is located in La Union, Nm on a long and lonely country road where you are in the middle of the valley, with mountains on one side, and the beautiful desert southwest to the opposite side of you. The winery itself has the vineyards that you are able to walk and take pictures in. It is one of if not the oldest winery in the state of NM. You can find their info here and check out the location for yourself. 

This place is beautiful, the colors, the smells, the wine! It was my first time out there, and to see it from the air (drone) really brought to scale the size of the entire vineyard. The Schoemanns chose the perfect place to tie the knot. It is rustic, western, open, and green. The cellar where the barrels of wine are kept can be toured, the grounds are amazingly well kept. It is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. 


Originally, we had planned for a photographer to come out to the venue and do everything for us but life happens and we lost the photographer. I went into full panic mode, lost all sensibility for a moment trying to find a photographer and videographer. Couple that with El Paso's Neon Desert that weekend and it was a disaster. Low and behold I pulled this from a hat and it worked so well in the end it was great. 

A little background on the wedding team:

Amanda is a college student, her mother does photography so I knew she could handle the task. Manny works for AT&T and does photography on the side. He has a gallery being put together for a feature this summer and his online gallery is also in the process of being organized and showcased. Both of them as a team works great. You've got Amanda crawling around on her hands and knees to get great shots, Manny being so big and tall towers over everyone.  They have a crazy good dynamic between them two and the coverage they got was amazing. 

A wedding seven years in the making. This special day captured by my team, my friends, my favorite human beings. I would like to thank everyone who made it out to this special day, everyone who helped out, no matter how small the contribution, it was greatly appreciated. 


"Chris and Adriana, you both were made for each other. Your love for each other, your passion, your emotions for one another are felt by us all. A model of happiness, of trust, of love. I have known Chris for many many years. Since our days in kindergarten at Putnam, to the glory days in high school at Coronado and in college. We've played in bands together, we have had our first beers together. We laughed, we cried, we made amazing memories with our friends and families, We have been there for one another, all the success and failures, long nights recording music at sonic ranch, short nights at the bars. You have always been an inspiration to me and to a lot of us.  Adriana, what can I say? You are a beautiful human being inside and out, and I can't imagine Chris without you. You make him smile, you make him laugh. You make each other whole. When we first met, I wasn't sure, but then again any female taking my bro from my circle is not ok. With you....I don't mind. As a matter of fact, take him because I know you are the one to make him happy and to love him till death do you part. Congratulations you two. May you have many years together, long and loving wonderful years as one couple, one love, one life. And if you have kids, I call first dibs on godfather duties. We love you guys, well see you soon."

-Chris Carzoli

Chris Carzoli