My Gear


I really do not think I get asked this enough. Even if I am with people who come to a shoot with me on a regular basis, they always ask or someone will ask.  

"What is in your backpack?"

My response is always the same. "Do you want to see?" 

So I have taken it upon myself to write an entry about what I always take with me no matter where I go.  This is my #EDC, and please; when I say everyday carry, I mean EVERYDAY. I take this bag with me everywhere. It never leaves my sight, It is always within arms reach, It goes to school, on planes, on trains, in automobiles, on boats and buses, up a mountain, down a mountain, in the rain or in the snow. This is the best company in my opinion, for camera bags. They are minimalistic, with a sleek and sexy design. There is a multitude of ways i pack this bag. All depending on where I am going. What I am doing, And it is secure.  


The bag: Incase Designs GoPro Pro Pack (Black/Lumen) 

Originally a bag to hold my GoPro and not much evolved to what it is today because well, if you are a photog or cinematographer, we all know that gear is a bad habit.

It did at one point do what it was intended and hold nothing but GoPro Stuff. I even bought extra accessory organizers because I am OCD about keeping my gear organized, and as you can see. It hasn't changed. 

The DroneDJI Mavic Pro w/ Extra Battery (CPL Filter)

 DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

 Mavic Controller with XBOX Control for reference

Mavic Controller with XBOX Control for reference

Probably the best drone out there for under a grand. Granted in the current configuration it was just over, it is still probably the best 1k I have spent in awhile. Camera on it is pretty good. It is no Zenmuse X5 or Sony but it gets the job done. Shoot it in Cinelog or Art and grade it accordingly. Super smooth, sharp, stable 4K. There really isn't anything else I could ask for in an affordable drone.  


The controller is tiny. Smaller than my XBOX 1 controller, lighter than it too probably. I can connect an iPad to it if needed but usually I just use an old iPhone 6.  Battery life on the controller is awesome, I can usually go through both batteries, recharge them, go through those, and one more cycle before I have to charge it. 


The Camera: Sony RX100iv w/ 2 extra Batteries 

My favorite point n' shoot. Does 4K, has internal stabilization, shoots in a LOG (PP7), and does super slow mo (up to 1000 FPS). Just make sure for those slow mo shots you have great lighting. It uses a cropped sensor to shoot the slow mo and quality degrades in less than perfect lighting conditions.  


The GoPro: GoPro Hero5 Black Edition

Nothing fancy here. Standard GoPro 5. Has a linear mode now which takes that fish eye out of the focal distortion. One could always take it out in post of course but GoPro did make it 100x easier now that its actually accessible from beginning of shooting. I have a 64gb card in it as well. 

 iPad Pro and GoPro Hero 5

iPad Pro and GoPro Hero 5

The Tablet: iPad Pro 9.7" 128gb

Again, another pretty standard item in my pack. Honestly I probably could have kept my iPad air for what I use it for. I was editing quite a bit on it at first, GoPro came out with Splice, if you shoot in 1080p you can just transfer to the iPad and run a quick edit on there. 

 Tripod: Benro PP1 Table Top Tripod or GorrilaPod Focus-X 



It really depends where I am going but I will have one or both of these tripods on me. You can totally Vlog on both, the Benro is great for time lapse because it has a small ball head on it and is super simple to use. The Gorilla Pod is when you want to feel like Mr. Casey Neistat. Overall, both two solid tripods.  

Misc. ItemsTons of random items


I carry extra batteries obviously for all my gear, 2 Mavic Pro batteries, 3 Sony batteries, 4 GoPro 5 batteries. In addition to those carry an AUKEY solar charging external battery.  It's an extremely handy extra I don't mind taking everywhere. There is also a smartphone tripod mount, an SD to Lightening cable, USB-C, micro USB, dual USB wall plug, a pen light, memory card book with 16 sd cards of various sizes. I think that's it. Thats everything....I think. When my A7Sii get's in, I'll leave a review up here too. 

So that's about it. That's usually what I carry on a day to day basis. When I am at school I'll take a notebook or two and sometimes I can fit in the textbook. Any other questions just check out the YouTube channel, subscribe to it, like, share, you know...the standard for anyone who has a YouTube channel. 

Chris Carzoli