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Chris made a name for himself in high school. In the late 2000's he was in a band which had some success. Together they toured Texas and New Mexico. The bands first single was a hit and earned immediate radio time. The group disbanded in late 2010, after they had opened up to 15,000 people for the rock band Chevelle. This was about the time Chris started getting more and more into film and photography.

Mad Octopus Productions is the brain child of Chris. Chris has been apart of several projects ranging from film and graphic design to complete studio productions. You can catch his first producing role as well as drumming on Katie Salazar's hit single Mr. Chivalry which is available on all major outlets, music outlets, and streaming services. Chris decided to start his own company shortly there after and enlisted the help of his talented friends and family to come along on this endeavor.  

Chris loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking whenever possible. He is a Subaru Ambassador and lover of all things FL4T. You can often catch him parked somewhere, hatch open, cameras on tripods, shooting a time lapse. If you spot Chris on vacation then the chances are, there is a drone somewhere above you. Don't be shy, come say Hi! and take a selfie or get in the vlog!


"Many people ask me, "Why the octopus? What's with your obsession?". My response is this:

 They solve puzzles, use tools, and communicate with color. They also squirt ink, open jars, and occasionally pull a prank or two. Given their remarkable intelligence and cunning ways, it takes a lot to surprise the biologists who study these wonderful creatures and their equally weird cousins the squids and cuttlefish."




Manny 'Mannimal' Villanueva

Although we all do photography and videography, Manny is one of our main photographers. You can see his work via his Instagram or Facebook, his Flickr houses multiple galleries as well as the photos he doesn't upload to Instagram and Facebook. 

Manny shoots with Nikon. You can find him roaming around the streets of El Paso, especially the central part of town. At 25 he is the youngest of the group of individuals that contribute to The Mad Octopus. Fun fact about Manny, he was born in California, raised in El Paso, but dresses like he is from east Texas with his cowboy boots and jeans. Don't let him fool you!

To reserve a time slot or receive more information email us at You can also reach him at 915.215.0431 from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday. 


Rebecca Renee

When Rebecca isn't attending UTEP, she is running the Octopus. Rebecca is an editor and director but a true content creator at her core. Along with writing for her beauty Blog, she will occasionally vlog or film a make up tutorial and review.  

You can find her on Instagram as well as floating around on our website. Chris and Rebecca love to travel. The two of them have had the blessing of having friends that live all over the world and don't mind having a visit every once and awhile. Don't be surprised to see them roaming the globe and experiencing new memories together. 


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